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As each day goes on, climate change grows stronger as it maneuvers around the world, destroying many lives and animals. Although climate change is known by almost everyone, people choose to do nothing about it. Global Warming is real. If we do not provide actions to stop it, future generations will suffer. Humanity will be in danger. 


Branding & Identity, Research, Ideation, UI/UX, Prototyping, Visuals


Figma, Illustrator,



Nov - Dec 2019

4 Weeks


How can I raise awareness about Global Warming while getting people to contribute to stop Climate Change?


My intention for this project is to create a very strong campaign that influences teens and young adults that Global Warming and Climate Change is a very serious issue and humanity needs to start taking action before it is too late. The three medias I chose for this project is a billboard, a TTC shelter AD, and an instagram ad with hashtags. I chose those three medias since my main target audience is young adults and teens, they would be able to see the AD through the media the most. Teens and young adults are the ones who needs to use transportation the most, so a billboard AD and a TTC AD would be accessible to most teenagers and young adults. The call for action would be people using the hashtag of my campaign (Forever Green) to raise awareness across the social media to stop Climate Change while preventing Global Warming. 




Since Forevergreen is a campaign that raises awareness about climate change, the generation of teens and young adults are my main target audiences (the future is in their hands). Most people are exposed to social media, especially instagram. This instagram AD would be exposed to the target audience with a powerful message as the post, along with #Forevergreen as the hashtag to raise awareness. Many people share stories on instagram to raise awareness as well, so I included an instagram story where people are able to share it, exposing the information around the globe.



I created a poster of a girl in a red jacket while giving it an illusion that she is trapped in ice. For the caption, I used “Thank you for taking the bus to prevent climate change”. The target audience would not only be for appreciating teenagers and young adults who took the bus but would guilt trip adults who are driving. I wanted the person who is trapped behind ice to be more emphasized than the ice. This would invoke fear to my audience where it warns people: “that could be YOU” in the future. 

TTC Shelter Mockup

The poster is of the city of Toronto under water. The message of this ad is that Climate Change is at the back of our minds and we know about it, but we don’t take any action upon it. The issue should be taken more seriously and action needs to be taken immediately before climate change gets worse. I placed the hashtags at the bottom of the billboard AD for a call to action.



Since my topic for this project was Global Warming, I've done a lot of research upon it and decided to focus on climate change. I compiled a lot of facts and statistics on climate change which then inspired me to come up with poster and AD ideas. After I have done all my research, I created a design brief. 



Janet He


The company or organization for the client would be the Green Party of Canada. The Green Party of Canada is a political party that has the belief that Global Warming is real and that it is a big issue.


The name of the social communication campaign is Forever Green. Forever Green is an eco-friendly campaign that is driven towards the topic of the ecosystem. Since this is an eco-friendly campaign, most of its ads and promotions are related to nature.

Project Purpose and focus

The Green Party of Canada decided to hire Forever Green due to the common belief that Canadians should work together towards preventing Climate change while putting a stop to Global Warming. The target and focus for the campaign would be to conduct a very strong and bold campaign to convince the target audience that Global Warming is a big issue.

Target Audience

The primary target audience would be teens and adults. Since teens are part of a new generation, it is very important to change their mindsets. The younger generations would put the most impact and action since they are going to become leaders when they are older. Long winters and long distances in Canada causes Canadians (mainly adults) to use a lot of energy and fossil fuels due to their everyday lives.

Current Perception

Some of the target audience’s perceptions of the issue could be knowing about the topic of Global Warming and believing in it but does not take action or people who don’t believe in Global Warming at all.

Desired perception

We want to raise awareness when it comes to the adults/citizens of Canada that Global Warming is a huge issue and that we should take action immediately to prevent further damage to our planet.​

​Key message

The campaign wants the audience to believe in Global warming. The call for action would be to stop Global Warming & Climate Change. 


Giving future statistics and messages on how Global Warming is a big issue would motivate the audience to take action to prevent the tragedy of climate change and the destruction of the planet. 


The major competing behavior would be the people who don’t believe in Global Warming. Forever Green would be a better campaign compared to other ones such as Green Communities Canada because they don’t have strong messages nor much facts when it comes to backing up their persuasion for their target audience.

Support for benefit claims 

We want the audience to see that climate change is a serious issue as we can prevent it from getting worse and as more important and beneficial than not taking action right now before it is too late for our planet.


Tone and manner 

Promotion or messages should be clear and easy to read (so that adults would take the ad seriously). Messages should be factual and bold to capture attention and to convince the audience. 

Media vehicle

The media formats the campaign would utilize would be a billboard, bus shelter graphics, and an instagram ad. Whether adults or teens are driving by the bus shelter graphics/billboards, or taking the bus to contribute to preventing Global Warming, it is a great way to display the media in terms of size while making the message more bold and clear. As for the instagram ad, the ad would be immensely accessible to both teens and adults.



Overall, I was very happy with the end result of my mockups and designs. I have definitely learned a lot throughout this project. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the prototypes of the Instagram ad while I have never realized the little details Instagram has until I started prototyping. However, after conducting immense research on Climate Change, it saddens me how humanity has yet to come together to work as a team to stop the drastic changes in Global Warming. I hope that one day the future generations would look back and be thankful that we have overcome this challenge.