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A Spotify experience that enables mobile users to discover music through their friends, UX/UI Case Study



A Meal prepping & rewards application for University students, UX/UI Case Study

Valorant Mobile

A new experience for Valorant players, this time on mobile. Originally a FPS game for PC players by Riot Games, UX/UI Case Study



A recommendation app that allows users to discover popular films through friends, UX/UI Case Study



A smart device that monitors your pet's health and behavior, UX/UI Case Study l Product


An informative website that warns users about excessive internet usage, UX/UI Case Study

Some of My Motion Pieces...

Nike Poster Ad

An explorative motion piece that focuses on type, using Nike's famous quotes. This project focuses on creating an animated sequence of typography based on the Nike poster I designed.

Be Kind - Lyric Video

A motion graphic lyric piece that follows the song using type with a unique twist of background raw black & white footage. Animations were inspired by K/DA Riot Games.

How to Play Among Us

A short introduction on how to play the game Among Us. I created illustrative assets based on my storyboard, then animated the illustrations with Adobe After Effects.

Let's Chat!

I'm an interdisciplinary designer with a passion for visual, product, and motion design! I am open to new experiences while making friends along the way. If you're interested in my work or would like to get to know me, feel free to shoot me an email! I would love to have a chat! 🙌

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